Pineland Cogentes specializes in technology solutions for Accounting and Tax Preparation firms throughout the Southeast. Our clients hire us when they simply want their accounting systems to work and not cause more stress during an already stressful filing season. With over 200 years of collective experience supporting all the major systems used in the accounting industry including Intuit, Sage, Thomson Reuters and CCH, just to name a few, we have the knowledge and experience you demand to support your systems. While we can’t make your customers get their documents in on time and not wait until the last minute, we can ensure that your systems are working when you need them.

Here are the reasons you can depend on Pineland Cogentes to keep you and your business up and running:

  • We don’t charge higher rates for afterhours work during tax season. We realize that you don’t work normal business hours during tax season. So, we add extended support hours during that time to make sure your systems are working when you are. And, we don’t charge overtime rates for afterhours work during tax season or when deploying updates to your critical systems during non-working hours throughout the year. Other IT firm’s DON’T provide afterhours support or, if they do, charge exorbitant rates for any support outside normal business hours.
  • We assign a dedicated technician for every account. We guarantee that you will always get a technician who knows your environment and can focus on solving the problem, not learning your business and systems. Most IT firms handle all support tickets on a first come first served basis by the next available technician. While this approach may very well have someone looking at the ticket faster, the resolution time is much longer since it is almost guaranteed they will not be familiar with the customers systems. We dedicate a primary technician to every account and provide 2 to 3 backup technicians who are familiar with your business and your systems. With average employee tenure of 8 years, we can guarantee knowledgeable and experienced technicians will always work on your problems.
  • We focus on protecting your systems and your data. Securing your data is our primary focus. Most IT firms only focus on fixing issues and patching systems or maybe even providing traditional antivirus solutions. While we do provide those services, we are constantly educating our staff and YOUR STAFF on the latest threats and best practices for keeping systems safe. We are also constantly evaluating security solutions to ensure that our customers are protected in every way possible. Finally, in the case that an attack makes it through all the defenses we have processes and procedures in place to quickly mobilize our staff, engage law enforcement and minimize impact to our customer. Cyber criminals are always designing new ways to compromise your systems and steal data, so your IT services partner should be just as diligent in protecting your network.
  • We Guarantee 10-minute response time. If you have a critical network outage, we guarantee a 10-minute response time. For other, non-emergency issues, we guarantee that a friendly, local technician will be working to resolve your issue within 1 hour or less of your call or email. We put this guarantee in writing in every customer contract and consistently beat these service level agreements with an average response time of under 10 minutes. Most other IT firms DON’T guarantee response times in writing and take an average of 4-6 hours to respond. If your company has an average of 1 support request per week and it takes your technician 4 hours to respond each time, you’ll end up wasting 208 hours – or 5.2 weeks – WAITING on your technician to simply respond to your request; and that doesn’t account for the time it may take them to resolve the problem.
  • We answer our phones live within 3 rings, all day, every day. We understand that when employees have to call in to the helpdesk to get support, they are already frustrated and not able to perform their job.  The last thing they need is to either a) talk with someone who barely speaks English and does not have the ability to help them directly or b) be forced to leave a voicemail in the hopes that someone eventually calls them back. We staff our helpdesk with local technicians who answer every call within 3 rings Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.  After hours calls are automatically routed to the technician on call too.  Our helpdesk technicians are all equally versed in troubleshooting issues AND providing world class customer service.  They are empowered to solve the most common customer issues on the spot when a call comes in and reduce the stress your employees are feeling due to technical issues.
  • We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If we can’t solve your problem to your satisfaction, then you don’t pay. It’s that simple.