Protects our clients’ data, Builds efficiencies in our processes

Our firm began using Pineland Cogentes at the founding of our practice, and the entire Pineland Cogentes team was instrumental in assisting us with creating and implementing our firm’s IT environment.  As our firm has grown, Pineland Cogentes continues to grow with us by offering solutions for our growing client base and our growing team.  As technology options have improved and security issues grab the headlines, the Pineland Cogentes team always brings new and useful strategies to our attention so that we may protect our clients’ data and build efficiencies in our processes.

We highly recommend Pineland Cogentes!

Brian Barnett CPA
Barnett & Stegall, LLC
Marietta, Georgia

You can trust Pineland Cogentes! 

Pineland Cogentes knows our business and the equipment that we have.  They assign technicians that are familiar with us to minimizing the learning curve from project to project.  I don’t feel that I have to be on hand for a project to get done and done correctly. The biggest benefit has been having a turn-key vendor for all of our IT needs. Our computers are crucial to doing our jobs and taking care of financing so knowing that you have an IT company like Pineland Cogentes that has your back is a massive relief. You can trust Pineland Cogentes and their team of technicians to handle all of your IT needs!

Gary R. Price 57 Gin LLC
Chief Financial Officer
Wrightsville, Georgia

Our Trusted Technology Advisor

Pineland Cogentes has been our trusted technology advisor for many years and has been instrumental in helping us meet our IT needs as we expand and grow.

Brian Wright Wright & Wright, P.C.
Sandersville, Georgia

I would be hard pressed to find another IT company with as many customer-oriented attributes

We are so appreciative of the prompt, courteous service my office receives from Pineland Cogentes. Pineland Cogentes has been our IT service provider for almost 5 years now and it has truly been a pleasure dealing with their staff.  They are professional, extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The response time when I have an issue or question is super quick. I truly believe I would be hard pressed to find another IT company with as many customer-oriented attributes as Pineland Cogentes.

Our primary technician goes above and beyond to make sure we (the customer) are completely satisfied. He is always willing to explain things to one who is not as computer literate without making them feel inferior or incapable.

You can’t go wrong with Pineland Cogentes!  Give them a call today.

Jeannette Anderson Washington County Tax Commissioner
Sandersville, Georgia

Super responsive, often solving problems before we knew we had them…

The Pineland Cogentes team is super responsive and always comes quickly, solving issues often times before we knew we had them.  As our sole IT provider since 2013, Pineland Cogentes is instrumental in developing and supporting the technology infrastructure for the Chamber and many of our Chamber member businesses.

Angie Martin CEO
Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce
Milledgeville, Georgia

They always put the customer first.

Pineland Cogentes is there when we need them. The public and small businesses are our work and don’t always understand why we can’t give them the information they need. Pineland Cogentes gets us up and running quickly. They always put the customer first, if one tech can’t fix the issue, they have no problem turning it over to the next one so that they get our issue solved quickly. The Pineland Cogentes team takes care of our needs.

Roddie Blackwell CEO
Putnam County Chamber of Commerce
Eatonton, Georgia

Of all the hats I have to wear as a small business owner, I can leave the IT hat in the closet

Pineland Cogentes provides a level of personal service that is uncommon in the industry.  Having one main person servicing our account saves us time and aggravation.  Having someone to call that I know will get things fixed takes a load off my shoulders. Of all the hats I have to wear as a small business owner, I can leave the IT hat in the closet.

If you are not getting this level of service from your IT provider, Pineland Cogentes is the company for you.  Come on over, the grass is greener on the other side! No queues, no unbearable hold music, no endless conversations with unknowledgeable agents trying to find someone to solve your problem.

Stuart Wingate Owner
Bark and Board
Atlanta, Georgia

They treat me as if I am the only client that they have!

After suffering a computer crash Pineland Cogentes jumped in and helped me figure out what I needed in a machine to be able to do my job. My job literally depends on a running machine that can handle multiple programs running simultaneously. Knowing very little about the internal parts that make computers work, the amazing folks at Pineland Cogentes were able to get me going with very little downtime. They walked me through setting up my new machines and removed all the junk that slowed it down. Every time I need something, they make time to handle my situation as if I am the only client they have. Pineland Cogentes will take care of you. They are courteous, professional and know their stuff! Personal service is key and Pineland Cogentes has done an amazing job.

Dawn Chandler Chain Buster Racing
Monroe, Georgia

Affordable, Secure IT Solutions Delivered with Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the biggest benefit in working with Tom and the Pineland Cogentes Team.  From my experience using other IT firms, Tom is very affordable yet knowledgeable and provides creative solutions to our problems.

We are unique, and they pay attention to our needs.  IT security is important to us and their team has our backs.

Paul Van Haute County Manager
Putnam County Board of Commissioners
Eatonton, Georgia

Creative, cost-effective solutions…

Our in-house infrastructure team was costing my company too much, so I decided to outsource the entire department to Pineland Cogentes over 10 years ago.  The support that Pineland Cogentes provides is timely, cost effective and outstanding.  Their staff is friendly, technically sound, and always prepared to help regardless of the challenges that my team or our customers posed.  Creative, cost-effective solutions is the reason why my company remained with Pineland Cogentes for over a decade and will continue to do so for years to come.

Jo Ram COO & VP of Product Development
Indusa Global
Atlanta, Georgia

Capable Staff, Smart Implementation Strategies, Helps Meet My Goals

I have had the pleasure of working with Pineland Cogentes as the County Administrator or Interim Administrator in Washington and Twiggs. In both cases, the county needed to improve its IT capabilities very quickly.

Pineland Cogentes has a capable staff and uses smart implementation strategies to meet this goal.  Also, their ongoing maintenance support is excellent and timely.  The Pineland Cogentes team also very much understand the budget limitations of County governments and are very reasonable in approach to make improvements.  As an Interim Administrator, Counties are often looking for me to help them make quick differences and Pineland Cogentes is always a great resource to call on.

Chris Hutchings County and Business Consultant
Sandersville, Georgia

Professional expertise that we could not hire or develop

As a healthcare provider, our environment is complex to operate, maintain and meet regulatory compliance.  Pineland Cogentes delivers a level of professional expertise in which we cannot hire or develop.  They understand our current and future needs and help guide us with efficiency and economical solutions. The firm is a good partner with the ability to increase their bandwidth and services to meet our ever-changing needs.

Antoine Poythress CEO
Washington County Regional Medical Center
Sandersville, Georgia

The Pineland Cogentes staff is excellent and caring!

Pineland Cogentes provides critical, very-capable services with full reliability.  Very few service providers do this anymore, and we certainly cannot provide the service ourselves. Unlike many other IT companies, Pineland Cogentes actually answers the phone when we call and responds promptly with skill and care. They are an excellent partner that takes care of our technology, so I can focus on taking care of my customers.

Michael Brown Owner
Brown Pelican Consulting LLC.
Savannah, Georgia

Get off the fence and go with Pineland Cogentes!

Pineland Cogentes professionally, promptly, and pleasantly manages all of our school’s IT services! We do not have the ability to staff the expertise to take care of all our IT needs in-house. Pineland Cogentes brings this expertise and manages our technology economically and efficiently.  I can’t imagine contracting with any other company! Knowing that Pineland Cogentes has our backs gives us the peace of mind to know that our students and teachers will be able to focus on education and not have to worry about computer issues. The customer care that Pineland Cogentes staff provides is top-notch. Get off the fence and go with Pineland Cogentes! They have a proven positive track record with us!

Anne Brantley Head of School
Sandersville, Georgia

You can’t go wrong with Pineland Cogentes!

Ever since I began using Pineland Cogentes for our IT support, I have been able to turn over virtually all our IT support to the Pineland Cogentes team. Being able to do that frees me up for other, more pressing responsibilities. Pineland Cogentes is large enough to be able to handle anything, but small enough to still offer personal attention, which is a crucial part in running a business. Their team is as good as it gets. You can’t go wrong with Pineland Cogentes.

John Wilson B-H Transfer Co.
Sandersville, Georgia

Choose Pineland Cogentes with confidence. You will not be disappointed!

The Pineland Cogentes team provides timely resolutions to our IT problems as well as solutions for new installations. They give the highest level of customer service and it makes our lives so much easier. You can choose Pineland Cogentes with confidence and you will not be disappointed!

Josh Lassiter Vice President
Battery Warehouse

Pineland Cogentes does what they say that they are going to do!

Pineland Cogentes has extremely fast and efficient services. Every time we have an urgent issue, they have delivered. They complete complex projects and challenges on time and at the price and originally quoted. How many times have you had someone not do what they said that they would? You won’t have that problem with Pineland Cogentes!

Alan Helton Helton Electric
Sandersville, Georgia

They get the job done fast!

While we operate year-round, our busy season is when peanut farmers are harvesting. During that time, it is critical that our systems are running at their best. Pineland Cogentes understands how critical our computers are to us during this time and always sends someone on site or has someone login remotely to fix the problem immediately.  They get the job done fast!  Even though we know that they have lots of other customers, Pineland Cogentes make us feel like we are their only customer.

Delores V Hartley Producers Peanut, LLC.
Bartow, Georgia

Pineland Cogentes gives you peace of mind.

Pineland Cogentes has given me peace of mind knowing that our computers are protected and being monitored. They have a quick response time to the problems that we need help with. There is no more waiting several days before the issue is addressed, which was the issue that I had with other IT companies.  Having someone watching your system, knowing it is backed up and protected and having a company on call that knows and understands your system is vital.

Linda Cook Putnam County Finance Director
Eatonton, Georgia

They know what they are doing.

Times in the past we have had to take our equipment to other vendors who only have 1 or 2 technicians; requiring us to wait days or even weeks to get our problems fixed.  Pineland Cogentes has solved that for us!  They remote in or come to our office if needed and quickly take care of all our IT needs. Their broad range of experience gives them the expertise to solve our issues correctly the first time. If you want someone who knows what they are doing and has amazing customer service, you should go with Pineland Cogentes.

Jim Croome Sandersville Builders Supply
Sandersville, Georgia

Pineland Cogentes NEVER lets us down. 

Pineland Cogentes handles our IT needs and has done so since we started our company.  Our primary technician knows our needs inside and out, so we don’t have to re-explain things whenever we need service. He helps us keep our sanity whenever the aggravation of computer problems crop up.  Unlike most computer people, Pineland Cogentes technicians explain things in a simple, straightforward way without making me feel like an idiot when I don’t understand something.

Simply put, Pineland Cogentes NEVER lets us down.  They are there when WE need them, not at their convenience.  My business is 100% phone / online, so getting computers problems solved immediately is critical and Pineland Cogentes ALWAYS does that for us.

Tracy Nault Owner
Pecan Valley Farms
Davisboro, Georgia